Charlie Haas Confirms WWE Return


After declaring that he would never go back to the WWE no matter what the offer, Charlie Haas confirmed to fans at 1PW’s Fanslam event that he will be returning to the WWE full time upon completion of his Indy and overseas commitments.

Now good for Charlie for getting paid, but after the scathing comments he made about the WWE and the creative staff specifically Jack Lagana, its hard to believe the offer was even on the table. Is this another case of Vince hiring to dish out his payback or will Haas play a role in the Shelton Benjamin angle?

I just have to wonder what made Haas come back. After they fired he and his wife, Jackie Gayada, he made very strong and even inflamatory statements about the WWE. He said nothing would get him to ever work in the WWE again. I am curious as to what changed. It can’t all be about the money.