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Kurt Angle Discusses Jason Jordan Storyline



WWE superstar Kurt Angle recently appeared on CBS Sports’ podcast, “In This Corner”, and discussed his ongoing storyling on WWE programming that includes Jason Jordan.

“I knew Jason had the ability to do it. I didn’t know if he would have the ability to carry the storyline,” Angle said about Jordan’s ability.

“I knew what he could do in the ring. I wasn’t concerned about the fans saying, ‘Oh man, this guy is actually pretty damn good.’ We already knew that, and we were hoping that his character was [on the same level].”

Angle also talked about Vince McMahon’s thoughts of the fan reaction.

“You know what’s crazy? Everything that the fans have gone through the last three or four months, most of the fans can’t stand him,” Angle said. “A lot of the fans are saying, ‘He’s getting the wrong kind of heat because we really don’t like him for real.’

“Everything that has occurred up until now, Vince [McMahon] already knew how they were going to react, so this has been working. As many fans will say ‘it’s not working’ and ‘get rid of him’ or ‘I’m not buying it,’ now that the storyline has started to span out and developing further, it was a good fit. Jason is doing a great job, and he has carried the storyline very well. We will see where it goes from here but it should be pretty intriguing.”

What Is Next

“It’s going to be a pretty cool storyline, and I think a lot of fans are going to say, ‘You know what? This kid deserves to be in the main event level.’

“[Jordan] is developing every single week. He’s getting better and better, and his promos and pre-tapes are getting better and better. His in-ring ability — I said this before and I will say it again — he has got to be in the top three or the top five in-ring performers from an athletic standpoint right now today. A lot of people would disagree with me but continue to watch him and see what he can do and you will see what I’m talking about here in the future.”


Big Show Set to Return to WWE



WWE superstar Big Show is set to make his return to the company after being absent for close to a year.

Big Show’s last match was in October of 2017 when he faced Braun Strowman in a Steel Cage match, losing to the ‘Monster Among Men’ in an angle that essentially wrote him off of WWE television so that he could have surgery on his hip.

Big Show recently stated that he would like to be back for the RAW after SummerSlam.

“Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I will be back in the ring,” Big Show said, according to ESPN. “That’s the main goal. I’m actually going to try and get cleared Sunday, by [WWE’s] doctors; moving around the ring a little bit.

“I could be back as soon as the Monday Night Raw after SummerSlam, if they have something for me. Just because I’m healthy, doesn’t mean our creative team is healthy for me yet.”


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Ronda Rousey Loving WWE ‘More than I ever Thought I Would’



Ronda Rousey joined WWE in January, making her on-screen debut at the Royal Rumble, and from there her journey began as a WWE superstar, one that would see her debut in a stellar match at WrestleMania 34, and compete in a handful of matches, including the impressive bout with Nia Jax for the RAW’s Women Championship.

Rousey’s WWE had a timeline, as she intends to start a family, but that timeline may be changing due to how good Rousey’s WWE career has started out.

“I love this way more than I ever thought I would,” Rousey said, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

“We had a set timeline set, and now we aren’t so sure about it because I love it so much,” Rousey, 31, stated. “I guess that’s the best thing that could’ve happened, that I would love it so much it would be so hard to stop. I can see why people have a hard time leaving this industry because it’s such joy to be a part of every day.”

Rousey is out promoting WWE2K19 and also this Sunday’s SummerSlam PPV which will see her take on Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship title.

“My [wrestling] move set is kind of still evolving and taking shape, so I’d be really interested in to see what they actually come up with [in 2K19],” Rousey said. “There’s a bunch of stuff I haven’t even been able to show yet, that I’ve been keeping in my back pocket.”

During her career competing in the UFC, Rousey jokingly compared the busy weeks to juggling a unicycle. But, her WWE duties are more fun.

“It’s not like I’m juggling on a unicycle, on a balance beam like over a bed of knives, you know what I mean?” Rousey said. “I’m juggling on a unicycle that’s in a bouncy house. If I fall off, I go boing right back up to the unicycle. It’s fine. I don’t die. I fall off.”

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who won this week? August 13, 2018



The Good

For Raw, we got to see the return of Dean Ambrose and he made a huge impact right off the bat! Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler held a contract signing to close out the show. Rollins was a no show until the very last minute because he wanted Ziggler to sign the contract first. Reason being that there was a clause stating that Rollins can have somebody in his corner since Ziggler has Drew McIntyre in his. This led to Ambrose being the surprise because he will be in Rollins corner for Summerslam! Awesome segment to end the show as well as build up this match.

For Smackdown, the three part series they had to build up the rivalry between Daniel Bryan and the Miz was great from start to finish. I would just recommend watching them because they are so well put together and edited that it makes this match feel like the biggest one going into Summerslam. Overall, the buildup for this match has been great from start to finish and it should be interesting to see who wins at the PPV.

The Bad

For Raw, I still do not know what WWE is trying to accomplish between Bobby Roode, Mojo Rawley, Titus Worldwide, and the Authors of Pain. They just threw all six of these competitors in a match and the team of Titus Worldwide and Roode ended up winning after Roode pinned Rawley. That is two weeks in a row where Roode has pinned Rawley so it seems like that that rivalry is  starting to end and if the Authors of Pain actually struggle with Titus Worldwide, then why were they built up to be monsters in NXT?

For Smackdown, while the buildup for the WWE Championship match has been really good these past few weeks, I feel like it hit a roadblock this week. Styles was cutting a promo to close the show on how he is going to beat Samoa Joe. Joe then interrupted and proceeded to read a letter written to Joe stating that this person hopes he wins at Summerslam. The big shock was that it was written by AJ Styles’ wife. I feel like that this whole ordeal involving the wife and kids was unnecessary to help build up this fight. They should’ve built this fight up by the history that these two have been through throughout their careers and how it has all led to this.

The Final Verdict

Overall, both shows did a great job of building up Summerslam on the go home shows. The big matches going into the PPV got the focus they deserve and we got some last second news to help some matches be more interesting. With that said, I will have to say that Raw had the better show this week. The ending of Ambrose coming back was great, the final promo for the Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns match was amazing, and the triple threat tag team championship match was secretly a great match to watch this week. WWE fans should be very excited for Summerslam and it should be interesting to see where WWE goes after the biggest PPV of the summer!

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