MTV Cancels Wrestling Society X


MTV has decided to cancel the Wrestling Society X series. Apparently, MTV made the call earlier today, presumably due to the drop in ratings for the show. The phrase being used at MTV today was that the series was to be finished “effective immediately”. It’s not known if any of the remaining episodes will ever air on MTV or not at this point but the word at the MTV office is that the series will not be renewed. There are still six unaired episodes from the original filming.

After a solid start for the show, the ratings had dropped to the point where it wasn’t even meeting the night’s average on the network. Given that it was a wrestling show, the feeling is that it was expected to have to outperform the other programming in order to keep its slot. When it didn’t, it became immediately vulnerable. Last week’s show was pulled from MTV’s lineup either due to low ratings or because MTV, which had OK’d all of the shows scripts, had a problem with a fireball slot on the show, depending on who you believe.

Big Vision Entertainment, which produced the show, will retain rights to WSX and can market it to other networks or direct to DVD if they choose to do so.