Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore Released From WWE


Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore was released by WWE on Saturday. The WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDown talent Eugene as of September 1. We wish Eugene the best in all future endeavors. Dinsmore was apparently surprised by the release and was at the building for the Smackdown tapings and was in the talent meeting conducted by Stephanie McMahon. Following the meeting, he was informed he was released from the company and led out of the building. Dinsmore was slated to take a more active role in Ohio Valley Wrestling working with some of the greener talent, so the release was said to have been a complete shock to him. Dinsmore was not among the names listed by media as being a customer of Signature Pharmacy, but his release is said to have been due to a Wellness Program violation. Dinsmore had been previously suspended due to a violation of the program.

Chris Cage, a former WWE developmental talent who was released some time ago following a Wellness issue, but has since returned to OVW in an attempt to earn a new deal, was booked to work as an extra on the taping, in some minor role. Numerous sources have told me he was also asked to leave the taping with the belief being the company didn’t want someone who had been released due to Wellness issues being around in the current environment.