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NWA Champ Nick Aldis Discusses State Of Wrestling



NWA World Champion Nick Aldis was a recent guest on the Arm Drag Takedown with Pollo Del Mar and talked about the state of the professional wrestling industry today.

Some of the topics Aldis touched on was the over-use of big spots in matches.

“[Wrestling] got hoodwinked into thinking the most important thing in our business was the match in the ring” Aldis said.

“I got into this to tell stories and to get people invested into characters and emotion. I wanted to be an entertainer! I wanted to be able to indulge in all the things pro wrestling provides which ‘real sports’ don’t.”

Aldis believes that using an older promotion model, similar to what UFC is using, may be the key to gaining fan interest.

“Essentially, if you changed the final outcome of the UFC builds with an NWA World Championship match from the 1980s, the whole lot of it leading up to that is very much the same. The reality was, if you wanted to see these two guys go at it, without interference or in the full match, you either had to buy a ticket or you had to tune into this pay-per-view or this special. That’s essentially what UFC’s model is. They put out [UFC Embedded], they put out smaller cards on free TV, but everything else they put out is press conferences, interviews, profile pieces, all of which is leading to the fight. The fight is the attraction.”

Aldis also discussed his storyline of the “unknown champion” and turning it into something much bigger.

“Dave [Lagana] and Billy [Corgan], as the Managing Editor and Executive Producer, took that story and instead of [pretending] certain elements [that] some people might look at as ‘negative’ didn’t exist, they, in fact, embraced that and made it a compelling part of the story. In fact, that’s the part people have been most interested in. … You can find the elements of people’s real lives and make them into a compelling story, if you know how to do it right.”

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NWA Legend Dick Slater Passes Away



National Wrestling Alliance legend, and decorated champion, Dick Slater has passed away at the age of 67, according to post that paid tribute to Slater made my NWA.

Slater wrestled professionally from 1972 to 1996 for promotions including NWA and WCW, where he finished his career. Slater was a 4 time Georgia Heavyweight Champion, 2-time NWA Macon Heavyweight Champion, NWA United States Champion, NWA Mid-Atlantic Champion, 2-time NWA TV Champion, 2-time NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, and NWA Brass Knuckles Champion.

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Cody Rhodes Said Bullet Club to WWE in January “Pretty Possible”



IWGP United States Champion and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes may be on his way back to the WWE, with some of his friends, when he officially hits free agency at the start of the 2019 year.

Shortly after appearing at New Japan’s Fighting Spirit Unleashed event this past Sunday, Rhodes spoke to WrestlingInc and discussed a potential return to WWE in January, along with the possibility of the Bullet Club joining him.

“Everyone has different opinions and it’s hard to get the opinion of someone when it’s, ‘Hey what do you wanna do? What is the next thing you wanna do?’” Rhodes said, adding that; “There’s five of us [Bullet Club] that’s a core unit that plan to stick together, and hopefully we can really do that.

I don’t want to make any judgments as I’ve had a great time with these guys. I’d like The Elite to continue and I’d like to bring you guys something like an All In sequel.”

Cody and the Bullet Club to WWE is a hot rumor, and one that will be constantly discussed leading up to the moment he officially becomes a free agent on January 1st, 2019.

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Impact Wrestling

Doug Williams Announces Retirement



Doug Williams, the legendary British wrestler who has had a brilliant 25-year career, lost a career ending match to Trent Seven for the Atlas Championship at Progress’ Hello Wembley show on Sunday.

“It was more their decision than mine,” Williams said, during an interview with SportBible last week.

“They approached me with doing a different kind of storyline, which was a disgruntled veteran that was bitter about the new guys taking over. But I switched it on them and said I’m thinking about retiring next year anyway, why don’t we do a storyline that could culminate in that possibly happening?”

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