ROH Television Champion Silas Young Talks Winning Title While Battling Addiction


Ring of Honor Television Champion Silas Young spoke about winning the ROH television title while battling addiction in a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.

“There are certain situations in life that are character-building, and I feel like that was one of those moments in my life,” Young said about battling a heroin addiction.

“Sometimes, the battles with yourself are the hardest battles, and that goes for a lot of people. Our own worst enemies are often ourselves, so it takes a lot of mental checking-in-with-yourself–almost giving yourself a daily mental pep talk–because our biggest opponent is our self.”

Young spoke about his son’s reaction to his championship victory.

“My son, who just turned nine years old, was running around the house with the belt,” said Young. “Then my wife and I celebrated over breakfast.”

Young also discussed the kind of champ he wants to be.

“I want to take this title and run with it,” Young said. “It’s a hard task to accomplish, but I want to raise the Ring of Honor World Television title and elevate it higher than it’s ever been. I also want to live up to it; what the title means, the standards former champions have set, and surpass it. I’m up for the challenge.”


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