Ronda Rousey Shoots Down Royal Rumble Rumors


MMA superstar Ronda Rousey is one of the hottest names associated with Royal Rumble rumors but she is saying not to expect her to be a surprise entrant in this Sunday’s PPV event.

TMZ Sports caught up with Rousey to discuss the rumors and she not only shot down those rumors, but stated that she does not have a deal with WWE at this time.

It’s not uncommon for WWE to play things close to the vest when it comes to surprises. Often times wrestlers, such as the Hardy Boyz, will be working an event outside of WWE a night or two before a WWE event only to be making a surprise appearance for WWE days later.

Additionally, just because Rousey hasn’t signed a deal yet, doesn’t mean a deal isn’t in place. Rousey said that she hasn’t put pen to paper, which could indicate she could sign the contract in person at the Royal Rumble.