The Dudley Boyz Heading To WWE Hall of Fame


The Dudley Boyz are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, joining Bill Goldberg as a part of the 2018 class, according to CBS Sports.

“The legacy of the Dudley Boyz is really the last of the Mohicans,” Bubba Ray told CBS Sports. “We are the last, legitimate, great tag team that you most likely will ever see; the most old school tag team that there is. I don’t think you will ever see a tag team go on to accomplish what we have accomplished, whether that’s in the WWE or any place else. We really are the last of many, many generations of great tag teams.”

“The great thing about us is we didn’t take no for an answer,” D-Von said. “We just went out there and did it when nobody thought we could. That was the biggest thing that Bubba and I had to face in our career because, back in ECW, we weren’t really supposed to be an act to be reckoned with.”

The globally recognized tag team has won titles in ECW, WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestling, All Japan and New Japan Pro Wrestling.



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