The WWE Has Taken Action Against Randy Orton


Earlier this week, we reported that the WWE sent Randy Orton home from the European tour as a disciplinary move after an incident at the hotel where the WWE wrestlers were staying. The WWE covered up for his announced match with Edge on Raw last night by saying that the main event ran too long.

Well now, the WWE is prepared to issue a statement tomorrow. It seems someone at got a little ahead of themselves and posted a page talking about the WWE taking action against Randy Orton : “WWE has taken action against Randy Orton for unprofessional conduct.”

The date on the article is April 25, 2007, so I assume this article will expand on what happened and what kind of action was taken. This will mark the second time Randy Orton has been sent home for problems. Last time this happened, Orton servered a suspension. Only Vince McMahon know what a second strike holds in store for Randy Orton.