WWE Releases Robert Gibson As OVW Trainer


WWE has released Robert Gibson, one half of the legendary Rock & Roll Express tag team, who was working as a trainer at OVW. Indications are the release may have been at least in part a result of the verbal altercation that took place last week after an OVW television taping between Tony Altas and CM Punk. Atlas claimed Punk had a bad attitude. He had been upset that Punk didn’t heed his advise about taping up his hand and wrist and launched into a tirade about people with bad attitudes who would never make it to television – all the while glaring at Punk. After listening for several minutes, Punk finally challenged Atlas and asked if he even knew who he was. 1Wrestling is reporting that WWE higher ups were furious that OVW agents, who were on hand during the tirade, didn’t step in to stop it to avoid embarassment to Atlas and to Punk. Gibson was one of the agent/trainers who watched the altercation, and some say Gibson might have gotten Atlas fired up about the bad attitudes to begin with.

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