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WWE SmackDown Preveiw 09.22.06



This Friday marks the long-awaited premiere of SmackDown on the CW network. The program that is changing Friday nights will make the transition in grand fashion as SmackDown brings a huge night of action to the CW Network.

New WWE Champion and RAW Superstar John Cena will make a special Friday night appearance to personally thank General Manager Theodore Long for the SmackDown contract offer. has learned that Long has something special in mind for the visiting Champion.

Vito has voluntarily surrendered his opportunity at King Booker’s World Heavyweight Championship on Friday. Instead, the dress-wearing fan-favorite has passed the match on to the legendary Undertaker. What will happen when the Deadman makes a rare SmackDown appearance and enters King Booker’s Royal SmackDown Kingdom at the huge CW premiere?

We also know that Rey Mysterio will face Chavo Guerrero this Friday. Last week, the Chavo-Vickie business partnership once again found a way to distract the downtrodden Mysterio. Rey looked as though he was finally back on his game when he entered the arena with his son, Dominick. However, when he saw Chavo and Vickie enter his private locker room where Dominick was watching the match, Rey’s smile gave way to an apprehensive stare and United States Champion Mr. Kennedy capitalized on the distraction to score the win. Will Chavo and Vickie still be in Rey’s head next week on CW? Can Rey finally settle the score when he meets Chavo in the ring for the first time since SummerSlam?

Also, former World Heavyweight Champion and CW acting star Batista will open the CW premiere. What will the Animal have to say on his first night in his new home?


Jeff Hardy Talks Career, Hell in a Cell, Brother Nero Appearing



WWE superstar Jeff Hardy is preparing for his Hell in a Cell battle with Randy Orton this weekend and he recently took part in a media call to promote this Sunday’s event, courtesy of Wrestling Inc’s Akhilesh Gannavarapu.

Hardy says that with all he has accomplished in WWE, participating in a Hell in a Cell match has been a goal of his and something he hasn’t done in his career.

“Well, you know, it’s coming up really soon. I mean, it’s just days away, and I’ve been talking about it for the last eight years” Hardy said.

“The one thing I’ve never done in the WWE is (participate in) the Hell In A Cell match, and here we are. I’m in the Hell In A Cell with Randy Orton, and so I’ve been asking for it all this time, and now I have to see what I can do inside there. It’s going to be very memorable; I’ll do something that people won’t forget. That’s one to knock off my list as far as things that I want to do.”

Hardy also would like to win another world championship in WWE before he calls it a career.

“I would like to win the world title again for sure” Hardy admitted.

“That’s probably the main thing. Back when me and my brother returned at WrestleMania 33 we won the tag team championships. It’d be good now that we are doing solo deals, in singles competition to be the world champion again. That’s one thing for sure.”

As far as his match with Orton, Hardy says that fans can expect the unexpected.

“You can expect the unexpected. I think my thoughts are too big for my size sometimes. I got a lot of good ideas as far as what I can do inside that structure. And this Sunday, we are going to find out if what I’m thinking is possible or not. It’s going to be a very memorable Jeff Hardy match.”

Hardy also teased that fans may see Willow appear on Sunday.

“Yeah, I think so” Hardy said when asked about fans seeing his Brother Nero alter ego.

“I mean, I kind of feel like me wearing the face paint now, and breaking out the white contacts – it’s like a modified version of Brother Nero. And that might take a completely drastic turn this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. I might really go all out as Brother Nero. And who knows? You might even see Willow. He may pop up here. From the Broken Universe, anything is possible!”

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who won this week? September 10, 2018



The Good

For Raw, the segment and match we got from Kevin Owens this week gave an idea of what they have going forward with him. After obliterating Tyler Breeze, he finally explained why he decided to come back after quitting. Basically, current General Manager Baron Corbin explained how much they needed somebody like him on their show and emphasized that they will let him do whatever he wants. This is a Kevin Owens we should all look forward to seeing.

For Smackdown, the number one contenders match for the tag team championship was really good. It was the Bar vs. Rusev Day to determine who would face the New Day at the PPV. Rusev Day ended up winning in a great back and forth match. We already have seen the Bar vs. the New Day multiple times, so it is nice to see something new for the tag division. Along with that, this is the first time Rusev Day has had a two vs. two championship match.

The Bad

For Raw, the whole The Shield vs. Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler just isn’t clicking like it should. It was basically the same thing last week where they just brawl, then the Shield gets threaten to get thrown out of the building (this doesn’t work), and then they brawl all over again. This can work one week, but to do it all over again takes away the creativity to push the rivalries to make them more intriguing.

For Smackdown, the only problem Smackdown had going to this upcoming PPV is there is no challenger for Shinsuke Nakamura’s United States Championship. Since he has won it, he has only faced off against Jeff Hardy. Along with that, other than this week, we haven’t seen him on the show much. Hopefully, WWE can find something after Hell in a Cell because this championship should get more time than it does.

The Final Verdict

Overall, WWE did do a lot this week to build up Hell in a Cell. Both shows focused a lot on it, but Smackdown did a much better job of building up their matches than Raw did. With that said, Smackdown had the better show this week. Things are more exciting for Smackdown than Raw. Every rivalry has been well told and has gotten the proper time to build. In conclusion, the Hell in a Cell PPV should be fun to watch if it is a Smackdown match because the Raw matches do look good, but the buildup behind them doesn’t have the momentum they should.

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Daniel Bryan Re-Signs with WWE



Coming as no surprise, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan has officially re-signed with the company.

Bryan’s return to the ring earlier this year at WrestleMania 34 likely helped secure his long-term future with WWE. While financial details, or contract length, have no been disclosed as of yet, Bryan is expected to have been locked up for years to come.


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