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New Japan Pro Wrestling

Flip Gordon Discusses Future with ROH



Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Flip Gordon has some lofty goals with the promotion, and he discussed them, along with his journey to the Ring of Honor promotion, recently during an interview with Wrestling Epicenter.

“It has been a fun journey. I wanted as much as I could and that is kind of what I did very early on. I started just wrestling in the Northeast.

“I’ve always wanted to travel more, I always wanted to go further, I always wanted to wrestle new people. I think while doing that, I got to get into the ring with a lot of good guys probably before I should have had the chance to be in the ring with them.

“But, I did! I was able to learn at a very fast rate and I think that is what caught Ring of Honor’s attention.”

Gordon has his sights set on Bully Ray.

“Well, I want to get this thing with Bully Ray squashed, get that out of the way. And then, you know, I’ve been with Ring of Honor for over a year now, I have just re-signed, maybe it is time for a TV title run?”

Gordon also discussed New Japan Pro Wrestling and ROH’s Supercard of Honor selling out MSG, a huge milestone for any professional wrestling brand.

“It is just insane! Not just from a wrestling standpoint but from an entertainer’s standpoint! Anybody from basketball to comedy to music to wrestling to theater, they want to perform in Madison Square Garden!

“That is the World’s Most Famous Arena! Like you said, it is the Mecca! That is a dream of mine coming true. I can’t wait! I wish it was April already! (laughs)

“For Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to put on a co-show, the G1 Supercard, and to sell it out that quick is a testament to how popular wrestling is right now and how much of a variety there is. Wrestling fans want something different.

“You can have a WWE show across town and have a non-WWE show sell out in the same city! There’s such a variety and it is cool to see how much wrestling is thriving right now!”

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

Will Ospreay Has Been Contacted by WWE



Will Ospreay

New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar and current  IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay has confirmed that he has been contacted by WWE and revealed that it is something that he is considering.

Ospreay also mentioned some of the WWE names he would be interested in facing if he were to find himself in WWE.

“I’ve been approached by them, so I have a lot to think about” he said, according to Tokyo Sports. “I’ve mentioned Seth Rollins‘ name many times… Also, considering my history, it would be a dream to fight Ricochet again. I think that because I think we have become completely different wrestlers than when we fought in the past.”

Ospreay has competed for AEW, Progress Wrestling, Rev Pro, and Ring of Honor throughout his career, among others.

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All Elite Wrestling

Kazuchika Okada ‘Embarassed’ Jay White is IWGP World Heavyweight Champion



Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada is none too pleased that Jay White is currently the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, and made those thoughts clear ahead of their IWGP World Heavyweight Championship match taking place at Wrestle Kingdom 17 on January 4th, 2023.

Okada spoke about White’s status during an interview with Sports Illustrated:

“I find Jay White’s attitude embarrassing, to be honest. It’s a disgrace to have him representing New Japan Pro-Wrestling as our top champion, and that’s why I have to show just how great an Okada title match is at the Tokyo Dome—and to end that era of his.”

Okada also spoke about working with Tony Khan’s AEW promotion, who worked with NJPW for their crossover event ‘Forbidden Dorr’ back in June of this year.

“There are places where they win out over NJPW, and areas where New Japan is superior as well. I think both sides came away with something to learn and work on, and I’d love to have another event with those lessons learned.”

Okada expressed his desire that the next crossover event happens in Japan.

“Last time was in the U.S., so let’s have it in Japan next time.”


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Davey Boy Smith Jr. Done with New Japan



Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Dave Boy Smith Jr. may be done with New Japan Pro Wrestling, ending a relationship he has had with the promotion since 2011, according to various reports, and effectively ending his partnership with Lance Archer, who together formed the Killer Elite Squad tag team.

Smith is still involved with Major League Wrestling where Smith Jr, Teddy Hart, and Brian Pillman Jr comprise the Hart Foundation, who are currently their tag team champions, and Teddy Hart is the middleweight champion.

Smith will receive a future MLW World Championship match as he recently won a fan vote.

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