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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling To Be Added Next Month To WWE Network



The WWE Network will be adding a slew of new content in January, including Mid-Atlantic Wrestling content.

PWInsider reported that 100 hours worth of episodes from the Crockett Promotion territory will be added

Here is the full content listing the “Raw 25: Celebrating 100 Moments” collection, that is also coming in January.

* Raw 25: Moments 100-76

Celebrate an unmatched TV milestone with the greatest 100 moments from Monday Night Raw’s 25-year history. Count down moments 100-76 with this Network Collection, including The Trial of Eric Bischoff, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s unceremonious disposal of The Rock’s Intercontinental Title, the debut of Paige, and much more.

* Raw 25: Moments 75-51

Count down moments 75-51 with this Network Collection, including; Mr. McMahon’s in-ring debut against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the formation of the DX Army, Kane’s unbelievable unmasking, and much more.

* Raw 25: Moments 50-26

Count down moments 50 – 26 with this Network Collection, including; the shocking WWE debut of Goldberg, the surprising DX reunion of 2002, Mr. McMahon’s infamous interview about Bret Hart, and much more.

* Raw 25: Moments 25-1 (Avail., Jan. 15 after Raw Top 25 Moments airs on WWE Network, immediately following Monday Night Raw)


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