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New Years Revolution Shakedown



I didn’t get a chance to order the pay per view and honestly has a WWE PPV actually been worth the $30-$40 to watch? So I am just commenting on the results as posted on

I thought the purpose of the Jerry Lawler/Gregory Helms match was to elevate Helms as a heel. While in control for the match he still came up short. Now what does this do for Helms? This certainly doesn’t give him more heat, and Lawler is an announcer, did he need the win? Gregory Helms should have picked up the win, that would have given him more heat as a heel. But again, WWE creative has no clue how to book a good wrestling show.

The bra and panties match was a waste of time. If I want to see that kind of thing, I will go to a strip club. I fail to see what this added to the show. Aside from the juvenile males in the demographic, who cares? If they are going to waste time with a match like this, they should lower the cost of the pay per view. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money.

Viscera hitting on Shelton Benjamin’s Momma had to be a funny site to see. Hopefully they will show that footage on Raw. It is good to see Benjamin get a win. It will be interesting to see where this angle goes.

Mickie James lost to Woman’s Champion Trish Stratus. Now instead of dropping the belt to James and making the Woman’s Title exciting, they had James lose only to play up the lesbian angle. This leads me to my next question . . . do they have a bunch of 15 year old boys writing this stuff?

I honestly thought that Edge would squash Ric Flair. Suprisingly, Flair escaped with a win. Edge needs to drop Lita and move on – storyline wise that is. She ended up costing him the Intercontinental title and their stuff is just getting tired.

The other match I really wanted to see was Big Show and HHH. Now I can’t understand why they had HHH “break” Show’s hand. It was going to be hard enough for them to have a good match with both of Show’s hands. Now this match should have gone to the Sledgehammer and not HHH but I guess Hunter gets credit for using the hammer so much. Now I liked how Big Show stepped up to HHH for what he has been doing (ie beating up Flair), but the payoff was terrible. The first mistake was breaking Big Show’s hand. The second mistake was putting HHH over. At this point in his career HHH is going to be popular or unpopular regardless of his win/loss record and he needs to realize this. Fans are going to cheer him and boo him regardless.

Creative could have used this to build Big Show up and get him back into the WWE Title scene because it needs it. I don’t care how much they shove Carlito and Chris Masters down my throat, I would never believe either one of them is WWE Championship caliber.

After reading how the Elminination Chamber match played out I am glad I didn’t order the pay per view because I would have been really disappointed. First all, to eliminate Angle and HBK before Carlito and Masters was just wrong. I know they are trying to convince us that they are main event caliber, but they aren’t and nothing creative sends at me will ever convince me of that. Angle and Michales work their butts off and make matches, they should have lasted longer.

Kane is still the WWE whipping boy. I remember a time when he was the WWE Champion. It’s great to see him in the title picture, but to be eliminated by Carlito and Masters is just embarrassing. Last in and first eliminiated, Kane deserves better.

I like Carlito turning on Masters, but everyone should have saw that coming eventually. Sadly the turn setup a quick win by John Cena. This match really lowers the bar on future Elmination Chamber matches. Cena is in over his head as the Raw champion and it shows. He shouldn’t have the title and thankfully Edge made that happen.

Edge FINALLY cashes in his “Money in the Bank” title shot. This was a great move. Edge chose to go after Cena after a brutal match and won the title after two spears. Now it will be interesting to see where they take this storyline. Edge is barely believable as the WWE Champion and I don’t see him hanging with the likes of HHH, but stranger things have happened. I will say this, I would rather have Edge as champion than John Cena.

The WWE needs to up their game if they are going to continue charging $30-$40 for these pay per views. They need to at least lower the prices on the single brand pay per views because they are no where near as good as the dual brand pay per views. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money on this one, but I still would have liked to see the Eliminiation Chamber match. We will see what happens on Raw tonight. Tell me what you thought about the PPV by leaving a comment.


WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: March 11, 2019



The Good

For Raw, their main event was a falls count anywhere match between Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre and this was awesome to watch. This match was created after McIntyre sneak attacked Roman Reigns before his match with Baron Corbin, which angered Ambrose and made him demand that match. These two fought all over the arena and McIntyre ended up winning after hitting a claymore kick on Ambrose, who’s arm and head were pinned against a rail. It is looking like McIntyre face off against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, which should be a solid match.

For Smackdown, the ending segment with Kofi Kingston and Vince McMahon is really making the story for the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania intriguing. After Kingston confronted McMahon about not getting a championship opportunity after 11 years with WWE, McMahon said he will give him his opportunity, if he can survive a gauntlet match on Smackdown next week. This gauntlet includes Rowan, the Bar, Randy Orton, and Samoa Joe.

The Bad

For Raw, they had a segment between Nia Jax and Natalya, which felt rushed from the beginning. After Natalya announced that Beth Phoenix would accompany her for her match against Jax, the match didn’t last longer than a minute before Phoenix interfered and got Natalya DQ’d from the match. This may led to a tag match at Wrestlemania, but having segments that don’t last longer than five minutes is not a proper way to build up a match.

For Smackdown, there was a five minute match between Asuka and Sonya Deville and it was not very good. The ending was similar to the PPV match between Asuka and Mandy Rose, but it was very poorly executed this time around. Asuka has been more involved in a storyline between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville than her actually being champion, which is not how she should be handled.

The Final Verdict

Overall, both shows were solid again this week. Both brands focused heavily on Wrestlemania as well as the fallout from Fastlane. There are lots of exciting stories going into Wrestlemania so hopefully both brands continue to ramp up the intensity of each one. With that said, I will have to say that Raw had the better show this week. A great promo between Batista and Triple H, an entertaining main event, and an emotional goodbye to Kurt Angle is what gave Raw the better show this week. In conclusion, WWE has been doing really good building up the road to Wrestlemania, so hopefully they keep this momentum going after this PPV too.

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Kurt Angle vs. John Cena Planned for WrestleMania 35



This week on RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle announced that he will have his farewell match at WrestleMania 35, putting an end to his legendary career.

While an opponent has not been officially announced, sources say that the plan is to put Angle against John Cena, bringing their storyline full-circle.

Cena fueled rumors with a post on Instagram this week, but the match is pretty much set.

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Harlem Heat Announced for WWE Hall of Fame



Legendary WCW tag team Harlem Heat has been officially announced for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

Harlem Heat will join Torrie Wilson, Billy Gunn, Sean Waltman, Chyna, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, & the Honkey Tonk Man as this year’s inductees and WWE made the announcement during Monday Night Raw with the following video:

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