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TNA Show In Connecticut Shut Down By Competitor

TNA’s house show tonight in Connecticut was cancelled after building inspectors showed up. TNA intially had to move the show from another venue because inspectors showed up and said the building didn’t meet the requirements to hold the show. These were two different inspectors from two different towns, but both found something that would shut TNA down. Among the violations the inspectors cited tonight was a crack in one of the Exit signs. It’s not clear who made the phone calls to building inspectors, but one of the police officers told one of the TNA officials on site, “You know you have a competitor up here who isn’t making your life easy”. Tonight’s show was scheduled to be the first show run by TNA in Connecticut, home base of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Now WWE was quick to issue a statement absolving themselves of guilt. Gary Davis, WWE’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, sent an email to tonight regarding the cancellation of tonight’s TNA show in Connecticut. “Please make clear to your readers that there is no truth to the assertion that WWE had anything to do with the cancellation of the TNA event in Bloomfield. I don’t know why the event was cancelled, but, whatever the reason, it had nothing to do with us.”

I am amazed at how quickly the WWE had a statement ready and sent, almost like they were prepared for this. And a police officer made it pretty clear who called the inspectors. And one of the infractions noted was a crack in one of the Exit signs. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what went down here. There is no way Vince McMahon would allow a competitor – and he does consider TNA competition no matter what he says in public – run a show in his backyard. And all he had to do to insure this was to have one of his lackeys make a few phone calls. I don’t care what the WWE press release says, it is a flat out lie. It is corporate speak to try and look innocent. It is digusting that the WWE would stoop to this level of calling inspectors and then have the audacity to issue a statement denying it. I am 110% sure that inspectors wouldn’t have stopped a WWE show for a cracked Exit sign.

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