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UpUpDownDown’s Rollout Features D&D With WWE Superstars



There has been a resurgence in the popularity of tabletop roleplaying game juggernaut Dungeons and Dragons and shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone have captivated gamers and fans alike. Gaming channel UpUpDownDown jumped on board with its own D&D show Rollout. The show features WWE’s Xavier Woods – a.k.a. Austin Creed – Ember Moon, Tyler Breeze and Brennan Williams playing a group of characters as they journey in the world of Faerun. 

UpUpDownDown and Creed teased the show on social media earlier in the year. Rollout is a different show usually seen on UpUpDownDown in that it is a tabletop game as opposed to a video game. However, the show keeps in spirit with the channel that Creed has built in the last few years.  

The party members are listed by race and class.

  • Xavier Woods/Austin Creed – Sasha the tabaxi, which is a cat-person who has an affinity for taking the teeth of her fallen foes.
  • Ember Moon – Kaliopi the eladrin rogue. Eldarin are extraplanar outsiders akin to elves.
  • Brennan Williams – Sirias the dragonborn mercenary veteran. As the name suggests, dragonborn appear as dragon humanoids.
  • Tyler Breeze – Turok the half-orc wizard who has no qualms of taking money from his foes – or anyone.

The other star of the show is Dungeon Master Arthur Wright, who has been playing D&D since he was 11.

This motley crew of buddies had been adventuring together for three character levels prior to the first episode and the chemistry between the four players show, especially in comedic moments.

Rollout’s first episode is only an hour long and it follows a similar format to D&D shows. As the DM, Wright leads the characters on the adventure while the players decide which actions to take. It is also similar visually as the screen shows each player’s face as well as Wright’s. However, folks also get to see the map the players are traveling and the foes they face.

The adventure begins with the group in the city of Neverwinter as they receive a task to bring supplies to the village of Phandalin. During their trek, they run into a group of goblins, which leads into the show’s first combat.

Rollout has a couple of unique additions, such as the “Big Dice Cam.” When a player receives an advantage on a roll – meaning they roll two twice and selects the higher number – they go to an area in the back and roll two big d20 dice and select the better role.

Another feature is the Critical Hit deck of cards. When a player rolls a critical hit, they pull a card and read the result. Examples include breaking a foe’s nose and applying triple damage, or slicing a goblin’s tendon which slows their movement.

There hasn’t been an announcement of the number of episodes for Rollout or if there will be any guest players on the show. If the show picks up steam it could be one of the most popular programs on UpUpDownDown and open an avenue of more tabletop content on the channel.


Triple H Promoted to Chief Content Officer



Triple H

WWE formally announced today that Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been elevated to Chief Content Officer. Additionally, the company has promoted Frank A. Riddick III to President & Chief Financial Officer.

Triple H has had stellar reviews since taking over creative for WWE in the wake of Vince McMahon’s retirement and legal issues, with a 15% boost in viewership on Monday Night RAW and double-digit boosts in social media engagement.

Now, Levesque will oversee Creative Writing, Talent Relations, Live Events, Talent Development and Creative Services. The role will report to WWE co-CEO Nick Khan.

Here is the official statement from WWE: “WWE is one of the most prolific producers of premium content in the world and I look forward to this amazing opportunity,” said Levesque. “Having spent my entire career in this business, I’m confident that we have the right pieces in place to continue to grow our audience and deliver for our fans around the world.”

Riddick joined WWE as Chief Financial Officer last year, after serving on the company’s Board of Directors for more than 13 years and previously holding the role of interim CFO. During that time, WWE has announced annual and quarterly records for Revenue and Adjusted OIBDA. As President & CFO, Riddick will oversee Financial Planning & Analysis, Strategy, Controllership, Investor Relations, Tax, Data Analytics, Technology, Event Travel and Facilities. He will jointly report to WWE Chairwoman & co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and co-CEO Nick Khan.

“I’ve had the great fortune of working closely with the talented people at WWE in a variety of capacities over the past 15 years,” said Riddick. “Along with Steph, Nick and Paul, we look forward to executing our ambitious plans and delivering for our shareholders.”

“We are excited to announce expanded roles for Paul and Frank, which will enhance WWE’s ability to create premium content for our partners around the world and, ultimately, drive our business forward,” said McMahon and Khan.

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Swerve Strickland Talks Hit Row’s Return to WWE



Hit Row

AEW superstar Swerve Strickland shared his thoughts on his former faction Hit Row, making their return to WWE. Since Strickland is currently in AEW, and one half of the tag team champions with Keith Lee, he is unable to join them.

“I’m happy for those guys and I’m happy they got their second chance, I really am” Strickland said during an appearance on the Grapsody podcast.

“Some people were like, ‘Are you upset about this? They’re back.’ Good, they deserve to be on TV. Now, this is their chance to be them and do what they do or however they want to do. There were times when I would discuss things and they wanted to do it this way, and I was like, ‘Okay, let’s try to mesh this together.’ It was a lot of teamwork and effort and family-type vibes to put these promos together. I don’t think I brought them up to the main roster, I think we did it together. A lot of people with these comments are trying to separate us and do the dividing thing. No, you’re not going to divide me from my friends. You’re not going to divide me from people that I was really grinding with at the PC [Performance Center] and every week on TV, trying to do something really special and being, literally, probably one of the most creative people in the entire PC because nobody was telling us what to do. We were literally coming up with it ourselves. We did that together to get to the main roster.” (quote courtesy of

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Braun Strowman Returns to WWE



After over a year since his release from WWE, Braun Strowman made his surprise return to the company during Monday Night RAW,  during the Fatal-Four Way Number One Contenders tag team match between The New Day, Alpha Academy, Los Lotharios, and The Street Profits.

Now we have more information has come out regarding where Strowman will find himself on the main roster.

According to PWInsider, despite making his return on RAW Strowman will be a member of the SmackDown Live roster, and is slated to be used as a babyface.

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