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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who won this week? October 8, 2018



The Good

For Raw, there were many returns they had on their show this week. But, out of all of them, I would have to say that Kurt Angle’s was the best. When Baron Corbin decided to host a 10-man global battle royal, Kurt Angle decided to dress up as the Conquistador and eliminate Corbin in the end. When he unveiled his mask, the crowd was going nuts and during this segment, you could tell Kurt was having fun with it too.

For Smackdown, the rematch between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair opened up the show and this got a lot of TV time and ended up being a good match. While it did finish in a double count out, there was a crazy ending to this as Charlotte speared Becky through the LED board lights on the entrance ramp. These two will settle everything at Evolution as they will face off in the first ever last women standing match.

The Bad

For Raw, I still do not understand what WWE is trying to go with Bobby Lashley. Recently, they have tried to pair him with Lio Rush. This week, during Lashley’s match against Kevin Owens, Rush was on the microphone the entire match. This became very annoying after a while and the crowd showed their displeasure as well. I cannot determine whether this means that they are trying to have Lashley turn into a bad guy with Rush at his side, or if they are trying to have the crowd embrace this?

For Smackdown, the Rusev and Aiden English story line has taken a sour turn.  The whole video ended up being English making a move on Lana, only to get turned down. This part makes sense. Where it started to get sour was when English said “the offer is still on the table.” That point in the story line started to make things awkward. Anytime Lana has been involved in Rusev’s story line, they end up being bad and this has the potential to go in that direction.

The Final Verdict

Both shows were really good this week. They both had great matches throughout the show and helped progress their story lines. I will have to say that Raw had the better show this week. A solid main event and some returns we didn’t see coming made this show great from start to finish. It looks like WWE is  going all out for Crown Jewel so hopefully WWE makes it more than just a glorified house show such as the Greatest Royal Rumble, which also took place in Saudi Arabia.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Will Ospreay Has Been Contacted by WWE



Will Ospreay

New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar and current  IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay has confirmed that he has been contacted by WWE and revealed that it is something that he is considering.

Ospreay also mentioned some of the WWE names he would be interested in facing if he were to find himself in WWE.

“I’ve been approached by them, so I have a lot to think about” he said, according to Tokyo Sports. “I’ve mentioned Seth Rollins‘ name many times… Also, considering my history, it would be a dream to fight Ricochet again. I think that because I think we have become completely different wrestlers than when we fought in the past.”

Ospreay has competed for AEW, Progress Wrestling, Rev Pro, and Ring of Honor throughout his career, among others.

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All Elite Wrestling

Colt Cabana Feared For His Job in AEW Following CM Punk’s Arrival



Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana reportedly feared for his job at AEW after the company brought in CM Punk back in August 2021. Punk and Cabana had a nasty falling out, and Cabana saw his appearances on TV for AEW dwindle, something that many speculated was Punk’s doing.

During his Keeping it 100 podcast, Konnan recalled a meeting with Cabana during an AEW event where they discussed Punk.

“When I saw Colt Cabana backstage, I remember asking him, ‘So what’s up with you now that Punk is back?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, man” Konnan said (h/t WrestlingNews). “We’re not really talking.’ I go, ‘Come on, dude. After all these years, you guys were boys’ He said, ‘Yeah, man. He just won’t talk to me.’ He would kind of look around, like, he knew [he was going to be fired.]”

Since then, Punk has been suspended by AEW with his firing (or contract buyout) expected in the future, while Cabana has recently returned to AEW television.

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AJ Styles Praises John Cena’s In-Ring Work



AJ Styles made his debut for WWE during the 2016 Royal Rumble and was immediately thrust into some dream matchups following the event, with the likes of future Hall of Famers such as Chris Jericho and John Cena.

Styles has had a successful run during his WWE tenure, and is now engaged in a feud along with his O.C. faction with The Judgment Day.

Styles recently participated in an interview with ‘The Halftime Show’ and talked about how Cena impressed him with his in-ring work.

“A guy that surprised me with how good he was in the ring would be John Cena” Styles said (h/t Fightful). “John is not known for being a technical mastermind in the ring, but he’s pretty good. I had some of my better matches against this guy.

“His mind for how everything needs to work and transition-wise. He’s just good. He knows what he’s doing. It’s one of those things were you thought, ‘I’m the superior wrestler in the ring,’ but once you get in there with John Cena, you realize, ‘Well, okay, I didn’t know that. Let’s keep going.’

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