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Xavier Woods Posts Jinder Mahal US Title Video Package



The New Days’ Xavier Woods is pulling out all the stops in order to gain support ahead of his United States title tournament match against Jinder Mahal on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live.

On his Twitter page, Woods posted a video package of the former WWE Champion reminiscent in the style of a political advertisement. In the video Woods accuses Mahal of disrespecting the United States of America during his 185-day reign as WWE Champion. He also accused Mahal of supporting the “Cannibal Agenda,” – which cuts to the Modern Day Maharaja’s promo where he said he will make a meal of A.J. Styles.

Woods also said Mahal wanted to destroy the Earth – which the video cut to a short clip of Mahal in his 3 Man Band Days with Heath Slater saying he wanted to “start an earthquake.”

All the while Woods, asks the viewers to not vote for a “power hungry, suit-wearing cannibal supervillain” Jinder Mahal. Instead, he asks fans “vote for righteousness, vote for hope and vote for the guy who does not want to eat A.J. Styles.”

It was a clever, funny video package with some cheeky throwbacks, which is in the style of The New Day. It’s not the first time Woods has produced a video clip of Mahal leading up to their match. Aside from the promo packages, Woods posted a clip of their match on Superstars before he joined New day – where he pinned him.

Whether Woods produced this on his own or he worked with a production team, it was a fun way to hype up a match for Smackdown Live. It’s also the latest effort on Woods campaigning in this United States title tournament.

When it was announced he would be participating in the tournament, Woods started the campaign of #WoodsUSChamp and produced videos of him verbally attacking Aiden English, who he defeated in the first round of the bracket. His campaigning has sparked interest among fans and it makes the WWE Universe believe Woods could be the next U.S. Champion – or rather the New Day as the next United States champion, which opens several possibilities for the trio.

The New Day have held multiple tag team championships and broke the record for the longest tag team title reign in WWE history. Having The New Day hold the U.S. title would give a fresh take on the title scene and add another accolade to the group’s resume. Kofi Kingston has held the United States championship on three occasions while Woods and Big E have not won the title.

The WWE is set on making the New Day its greatest tag team of all time, and having them hold a singles championship may not be the traditional path for a team to do on their road to being the greatest of all time, but that’s part of what makes the idea appealing.

If the New Day hold the United States championship, they could defend it between the three of them, similar to how they defended the tag team championships.

It’s not like holding the U.S. title would remove them from the tag team championship picture. They could still chase the Smackdown Tag Team championship while holding the U.S. title.

The winner of Woods vs. Mahal will face the victor of the semi-final match between Mojo Rawley and Bobby Roode at the Royal Rumble on Jan. 28.


WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who won this week? April 16, 2019



The Good

For Raw, they got the best addition from the shakeup to their show, which was AJ Styles. After Styles really made his mark on Smackdown, it seemed like WWE creative was running out of ideas of what to do with Styles on Smackdown. So, having him on Raw is really intriguing now and it should be interesting to see what the future holds for him on Raw.  

For Smackdown, their biggest addition from the shakeup was Roman Reigns and the way they introduced him to the show was entertaining. After Vince McMahon announced that the “biggest addition in Smackdown history” was Elias, Roman Reigns interrupted and ended up clearing out the ring and declaring that Smackdown is his yard now. Reigns needed a change of scenery after being on Raw for few years, so this is something the WWE universe should be excited for.

The Bad

For Raw, while it was great to see an NXT tag team called up, the name they gave him is horrible. Formerly known as the War Raiders, who are the current NXT tag team champions were called up to Monday nights. But, they decided to change their name to the Viking Experience, which is one of the worst name changes in WWE history.

For Smackdown, they had a match between Carmella and Charlotte Flair and this felt like filler. After all the new names that they brought onto Smackdown during the shakeup for the women’s division, they could have had one of them in this match instead of putting them all together in the 8-women tag match that was featured on the show later. 

The Final Verdict

For these being the superstar shakeup episodes, both shows felt a little underwhelming. While we are able to think of the possibility of matchups that we will see in the future because of this shakeup, the introduction of these new names felt like they should have been a bigger deal. Along with that, it seemed like WWE either was confused on how to handle some of these shakeups or they purposely wanted to confuse the fans. A prime example is how Finn Balor went to Smackdown with the Intercontinental championship. Since this was introduced to us on Smackdown, is there no secondary belt now on Raw? Or did Samoa Joe just automatically move to Raw because he currently was holding the original secondary belt on Smackdown? Overall, as to who had the better show, I will have to say that Raw had the better show. The additions of the Miz, the Usos, Rey Mysterio, Andrade, AJ Styles, and Naomi are all new faces that were due for this. In conclusion, while the shakeup could’ve been handled better, the future should be intriguing as WWE prepares to fully move on from Wrestlemania.

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Matt Hardy Responds to John Oliver’s WWE Segment



John Oliver, host of HBO’s popular ‘Last Week Tonight’, took WWE to task in a recent episode over their lack of healthcare for their performers, bringing a dark element of the treatment of WWE superstars to light.

Since then, wrestlers have spoken out, both in support of Oliver’s segment and coming to the defense of WWE.

One of those coming to WWE’s defense is WWE superstar and future Hall of Famer Matt Hardy, who praised WWE and how far they have come over the years.

“When I first started here [1997/1998] the locker room, everything was like the wild wild west then” Hardy said in an interview with FOX Sports (h/t Wrestling Inc). ”  The change that has happened in those 20-plus years has been unreal. I mean, now the drug testing is very stringent. … You have to be here, and you have to be good and you have to be on top of your game. You have to be a professional. The physicals they do as far as cardiovascular and just checking you over and over — [there have] been several guys they caught that have had serious [health] issues that could have been life threatening if they didn’t catch it here, and just the way they take care of you. “

“Every surgery I ever had, WWE has paid for. They’re very faithful and very good about that. It’s just some of the stuff that the John talked about was kind of passé, kind of outdated because now they really do [take care of wrestlers’ health]. They take care of everything especially stuff that happens in house. As far as the whole health insurance thing, that’s kind of a different argument, because we do a different gig in many many ways. But WWE has never done anything but be great to me.

“They’ve taking care of me in every capacity, every front. And they’ve given me a great life. I mean one of the characters I play is ‘Big Money’ Matt, who’s like this millionaire that’s been around for a long time, and you know there’s a lot of truth to it in some ways, and I wouldn’t have that persona and I wouldn’t have the great life that I have right now if it wasn’t for WWE.”

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WWE Hall of Famer Stevie Ray Talks Not Joining WWE After WCW Buyout



WWE Hall of Famer Stevie Ray, who was inducted as part of Harlem Heat, alongside his brother Booker 2, in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame, recently discussed why he never joined WWE following his career in WCW.

Stevie Ray recently appeared on an episdoe of ‘Conversations with the Big Guy’ with host, and former WWE superstar, Ryback and talked about his thinking when WWE bought WCW.

Although his brother Booker T went on to WWE, Stevie Ray didn’t want to do the same.

“I didn’t want to go to WWF (WWE). As a matter of fact, the last WCW Nitro, I didn’t even attend and they sent me a ticket. Bu,t I was always in the mindset of this is competition to me. This is NFL vs AFL, or National League versus American League in baseball. WCW vs WWF, to be honest with you, bro, I didn’t want to go out like a bitch.”

The Monday Night Wars were hard to get past for Stevie Ray.

“We had been fighting for the team (WCW). But when I heard Vince McMahon had come in, and stuff like that, which I knew was coming, it’s like, you saw the writing on the wall and you put it in the back of your mind.

But at the end of the day I knew it was going to happen. But I didn’t attend the last show because my brother [Booker T] said that they (WWE) are going to be auditioning people. I told him that he should do it, but I’m done.”

Stevie Ray was concerned that WWE would change to Harlem Heat, stripping them of the elements that made that tag team so special.

“I wanted people to remember Harlem Heat as an ass-kicking tag team of color, you see what I’m saying? I didn’t want us to be something else. I didn’t want us to turn into a “Doink the Clown”. So, I’m not saying that they would have done this with Harlem Heat, but, I didn’t want to lose the edge that we once had as Harlem Heat.”

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