Kurt Angle Going To TNA


At the close of No Surrender, Jim Cornette announced that TNA Impact was moving into primetime at 9 PM on Thursday, November 9. Cornette went on to say that the time change isn’t the big announcement. A Kurt Angle video aired concluding with a closeup of Angle saying “It’s real. It’s damn real!”

So TNA had three big events surrounding No Surrender: Vince Russo rejoins the Creative Committee, Impact moving into a prime time slot and Kurt Angle. Do any of these change the face of TNA or wrestling, no. For all the hype, I expected more. Kurt Angle is mentally and physically beat up and you can’t convince me that a few weeks of rest has him ready to go at 100%. I expected something along of the lines of TNA going to two hours, possibly up against one of WWE’s shows or maybe the signing of Brock Lesner or Bill Goldberg.

And I am a little suprised that Angle jumped ship like this. Angle seemed very loyal to the WWE and I was shocked at his release. And I would wager that Vince released Angle to rehab himself, not sign with a rival promotion. Angle blew more smoke about the situation by leaking his interest in MMA. This whole Angle situation seems a little shady and takes away credibility from both Angle and TNA. I’m not one to agree with the likes of Jim Ross, but he is right on the money criticizing TNA for trying to copy the WWE. I can only question what logic the people running TNA are using for these recent moves. Vince Russo will not take TNA to the next level and neither will Kurt Angle. These kind of decisions are the reason why TNA will always be what it always is and certainly not a legitimate competitor to the WWE. What are your thoughts about TNA’s recent moves?