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Impact Wrestling

John Hennigan Discusses Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground

John Hennigan is a busy man these days. With roles in movies and television shows, along with his work in both Lucha Underground, as Johnny Mundo, and Impact Wrestling, as Johnny Impact, the former WWE star continues to grind.

As Hennigan will tell you, both promotions are very different, saying that,  “Lucha is hard-hitting, acrobatic, fast-paced. It has this cool world that is uniquely Lucha Underground” he said during an interview with with TV Insider.

“Impact is similar, but it’s a different world. The stuff going on there is the evolution of traditional wrestling product into a cutting-edge, modern, present-day program.”

“I think the best way to make an example of that is I’m returning there at Slammiversaryon July 22,” Hennigan continued. “The match I’m going to have is Rich Swann vs. Taji Ishimori vs. Fenix vs. Johnny Impact. Rich Swann and I both worked for WWE. Taiji works for New Japan and Noah. Fenix is one of the best Luchadores in the world. He has worked for pretty much every company in Mexico.”

The two promotions aren’t just different in in-ring styles, but also with how the backstage is run.

“The office for Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling are both forward-thinking people that are trying to build something, instead of competing against one another, which traditionally happened in the past” Hennigan said.

“Lucha, Impact and hopefully more companies going forward are working together now, which is awesome to me. As a wrestler, we get to work for both companies. As a wrestling fan, I get to see a bunch of dream matches five years ago you would never get to see.”

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