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Ronda Rousey Going into UFC Hall of Fame



Even though she hasn’t competed in the octagon in over two years, WWE superstar Ronda Rousey continues to receive UFC accolades.

During last night’s UFC 225 broadcast, it was announced that Rousey would be inducted in UFC Hall of Fame Modern Wing on July 5 during the UFC’s International Fight Week festivities.

Rousey will join fellow inductees Matt Serra, former UFC Welterweight Champion who is going into the Pioneer Wing, and former UFC television producer Bruce Connel and promotion co-founder Art Davie, who are both entering the Contributor Wing. Also joining her will be former Strikeforce and Pride Champion Dan Henderson and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio Rua who are being inducted for their classic fight in 2011.

Rousey is going to be the first woman to be inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame, which was established in 2003. The UFC’s Hall has 45 inductees, including three in its modern wing. She will join former UFC Champions Forrest Griffin and B.J. Penn and former WEC featherweight titleholder Urijah Faber.

It’s a worthy accomplishment for Rousey. While she isn’t the first woman to lace up a pair of gloves and compete in mixed martial arts, she is the catalyst for women competing in the UFC, which went from having no female divisions to now having four weight classes with champions.

When Rousey gets inducted, she might have already claimed her piece of WWE gold. At next week’s Money in the Bank pay per view, Rousey will challenge Nia Jax for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Rousey’s profile has skyrocketed since she debuted in WWE in January, taking part in a high profile Wrestlemania match. There’s speculation that next year’s Wrestlemania will feature Rousey and Smackdown superstar Charlotte Flair in a title bout.

Of course fans can see WWE promoting the heck out of Rousey going into the UFC Hall of Fame and it might even play into her angle with Jax. The UFC induction would be a great component for Rousey if she were a heel character. She could talk about how her UFC induction is the linchpin of her MMA tenure and the latest confirmation that she is bringing legitimacy to WWE’s women’s division.

But WWE likes to go the safest route traveled and it will likely be Jax cutting a promo on Rousey’s induction. If she wanted to get some heel heat, Jax could say that Rousey’s induction is a great honor for MMA, but it doesn’t do anything for her as a wrestler, nor will it help her in their match.

Rousey’s Hall of Fame induction announcement wasn’t the only UFC-wrestling crossover element, whatever you want to call it, from UFC 225.

Former WWE Champion C.M. Punk dropped a decision to Mike Jackson. It was Punk’s second foray into the UFC after losing his first fight to Mickey Gall. While went all three rounds with Jackson, he was outmatched from the get go. 

In a tweet, ESPN’s Ariel Helwani said Punk was taken to the hospital for a partial CT scan per the UFC’s order.

In regards to Punk, it can be summed up by stealing a phrase from Joey Ryan in that we are lucky to achieve one of our dreams in life, but C.M. Punk got to do it twice.


Tye Dillinger Requests Release from WWE



Tye Dillinger is ready to move on from WWE, and has officially asked for his release from the company.

Dillinger has been sparingly used since his call up from NXT almost 2 years ago, and with the rise of other promotions, and the launch of AEW, it’s no surprise that Dillinger has decided to go elsewhere.

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Lio Rush Backstage Reputation



WWE superstar Lio Rush has been in the middle of a confusing wrinkle in his association with Bobby Lashley, who seems to be done with Rush, but still teaming with him.

Lashley attacked Rush following Fin Balor pinning Rush in their handicapped match at Elimination Chamber, which cost Lashley his Intercontinental Championship despite not being pinned.

It’s been an interesting direction for Rush’s character, and according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson (h/t Rush may have a reputation backstage.

“It appears Lio Rush is done with Bobby Lashley. I can tell you behind the scenes there were not a lot of people surprised at that and not a lot of people surprised that Lio took the pin. There are times Lio has a reputation for rubbing people, including other workers, the wrong way. Whether that was being held against him and that was part of the reasoning for him losing or whether it was just a decision to protect Lashley and shift the belt to Finn Balor, I guess we’ll have to see based on how Lio is presented in the weeks and months to come.”

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D-Generation X, with Chyna, to be Inducted in WWE Hall of Fame



Chyna will finally get recognized and honored as a WWE Hall of Famer.

According to ESPN, Degeneration-X will be officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2019.

Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The New Age Outlaws, X-Pac, and Chyna will all be inducted. It will mark Michaels’ second induction into the Hall of Fame.

“I think it’s the most meaningful for us all to go in together and to be recognized together,” Tripe H said, according to ESPN. “Because I think both groups were [just] as impactful.”

“It’s a funny thing, because DX was something that, before Kevin [Nash] and Scott [Hall] left, at the time we all talked about using ‘The Kliq’ as it was — kind of morphing that into television, since it was so out there anyways,” said Levesque. “But things worked out the way they did — they left, and the timing was right.”

“Shawn and I still wanted to do it. Vince saw the value in it, I guess, and finally let us go at it, by that point in time I was looking for a heater, and we had brought Chyna.”

Triple H went on to say Chyna deserved to be in the Hall of Fame.

“Look, people believe what they want to believe. When I said a few years ago on the Austin podcast, or show, or whatever you want to call it, there’s complexities around it,” said Triple H. “But absolutely, definitely deserves to be in there. It’d be tough to pick a female that was more impactful on the business. She did something that was completely so out of left field that it wasn’t even being considered when we first brought it up for her to come in. It wasn’t even a consideration… it wasn’t an easy thing, and against all odds she did all of that.”

And as far as Chyna being inducted in the future as single’s competitor, which she deserves, Triple H is confident it will happen eventually.

“From that standpoint, absolutely 100 percent deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and should probably be more than once — as a group, but individually as well,” Levesque continued. “There’s more complexity to that than meets the eye, but here we are. I’m just happy that it’s here. I’m happy for her family, the people that she was close to, that hopefully this is super meaningful to them. I know it would be to her. It’s a great thing — very deserving.”

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