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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw: Who won this week? October 15, 2018



The Good

For Raw, the segment between Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins went a lot better than people probably expected. They traded insults back and forth and it eventually led to some fighting. The Bella Twins brought out security, which Rousey took out easily but the twins got away before Rousey could get to them. Hearing some of the insults they were throwing at each other made this feel more personal and that’s what helps make a solid rivalry.

For Smackdown, out of all the stars they had featured on their 1,000th episode, the reunion of Evolution was the most intriguing out of all of them. While they were listing off their accomplishments, Batista threw a little shade towards Triple H about how Triple H has yet to beat him. Batista did say that if he were to ever come back to WWE for one last run, he would want to have a rivalry with Triple H. So is this a sign of things to come?

The Bad

For Raw, the Finn Balor versus Jinder Mahal match wasn’t even worth watching. It was quick and was just there to promote the mixed match challenge. With the two PPV’s coming up, there isn’t much to really invest with the MMC.

For Smackdown, because of how big there show was this week, they did have to rush some things during the show and one of them was a World Cup qualifying match. The match was between The Miz and Rusev and the Miz won within a minute. Now, this was due to a distraction from Aiden English, which helps push that rivalry further, but this match did deserve to have more time.

The Final Verdict

Both shows were pretty solid this week. They were able to build up both Crown Jewel and Evolution effectively. But, because Smackdown had its 1,000th episode, fans knew that WWE was going to go all out for it. With that being said, Smackdown had the better show this week. Smackdown did a really great job of integrating the legends they brought back for the show into the rivalries they have going on currently. Along with that, they had a great match for the returning Rey Mysterio! Overall, if WWE follows through with Crown Jewel, it truly is looking to be a special event along with Evolution too.

All Elite Wrestling

AEW’s Nyla Rose Talks About Being Promotion’s 1st Transgender Wrestler



Nyla Rose

All Elite Wrestling has already impressed with their ‘Double or Nothing’ event last month in Las Vegas, and their roster of professional wrestlers continue to make headlines with their matches, and the work they do on social media as well.

One AEW wrestler who is receiving the spotlight is Nyla Rose, the promotion’s first transgender wrestler, who is discussing her journey to AEW and her future.

“As much negativity that I do see, I do see much more love and acceptance,” Rose said, during an interview with Sports Illustrated. “It’s just that sadly negative things seem to get highlighted more than positive things.”

She continued, “”If I can bear the weight, if I can hold up all the hatred and everything and carry that on my back, I know that I’m strong enough to do it, If the people out there need to beat me up and I need to absorb that so that the next generation, the youth, can have an easier time, I gladly welcome that.”

“I’m really hoping to set the tone and set the pace and create that environment that’s going to fuel the next generation” Rose commented “Not just trans people, but inspire anybody to say, ‘Hey, these women lit that on fire. I want to be that. I want to do that.’”

“AEW has felt that I am worthy of a chance. All I can ask is that some of the people out there, the fans who might be a little bit tight-minded, just give me a chance to show you what I can do in the ring. That’s all.”

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NXT’s Adam Cole Discusses Creative Freedom



NXT Champion Adam Cole is at the height of his success with the promotion, recently defeating Johnny Gargano in another instant classic to capture his first NXT Championship, and he is talking about how things go down in NXT.

Unlike much of the main roster, where promos are often scripted and comedy-acts are more common, Cole says that superstars in NXT get a bit more creative freedom, as he had with Gargano for their match.

“One of the coolest things about NXT is we have a ton of creative liberties to come up with the story and the vision we have for the match” Cole said, during an interview with TalkSport. “Of course, there’s input and advice given and there’s suggestions or, you know ‘we need something this way’ (but) we do have a lot of freedom, which is great.”

Cole added that he and Gargano came up with the format for their two out of three falls classic at NXT Takeover: New York.


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Impact Wrestling

Scarlett Bordeaux Granted Release From Impact Wrestling



Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux has been granted her release from Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling confirmed that they have parted ways with the 28-year old Bordeaux.

“IMPACT Wrestling confirms that it has released Scarlett Bordeaux from her commitments to IMPACT” Impact Wrestling said in an official statement. “We wish her every success in her future endeavors.”

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